Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Martek Mines

Taken from "Hero Kid Adventures"
Sheriff Ira Skeen caught up with the cadets and asked for their help.

The Martek Mines, which have been abandoned these last hundred years, have collapsed. The probem being that just last week two miners reopened the mine to seek their fortune. Their family had expected them to return to the village several days ago. When they didn't show the sheriff went out to check on them and found the entrance collapsed, trapping the miners inside. So, she's asked if the cadets will go in and try and find them.

There was a gap in the fallen rock slide that they crawled into. Once inside they found the minors bedrolls, along with a pick ax, rope and a shovel. They spotted tracks leading west and ventured forward. They came to a section where they could go straight or turn north. While discussing where to go a giant bat flew in from the north tunnel and attacked. It bit the Mages shoulder before eventually being killed.

The cadets split up, Green heading west and the others heading north. Green enters a cavern with a giant pit and hears a man yelling for help. He uses his rope to pull the minor out. After making sure he's okay, Green finds out that the miners hadn't seen a giant bat. John, the miner, had fallen in the pit during the earthquake that must have caused the entrance collapse.

Green catches up with the others as John heads back to the mine entrance. The cadets find themselves at an underground river, their only way to continue is a tunnel to the west. Suddenly a swarm of bats (normal size) swoops down, as they rush to get out of the way, Alexander falls into the river. Luckily before getting swept away he is able to climb out. They rush down the tunnel, only to be stopped by a broken rope bridge - their only means to cross the raging river.

Alexander and James come up with a plan involving a grapling hook and lots of rope. Alexander is the last to cross, and holds the end of the rope as the other two slowly make their way over the bridge. Both almost fall several times - Alexander holds tight, keeping them from falling. Once on the otherside Green holds onto the other end while Alexander crosses.

Around a bend they come to giant webs, all entangled, blocking their way. They rip through it. On the other side their in another cavern. There are two sacs hanging to the left and another web wall to the right. They burn the sacs, knowing that they are spider sacs. Then a large spider enters from behind the webbing and attacks. They fight and kill it, then go down the pit  that was behind the webs.

They see another two sacs, and across the room they see a spider 3x's as big as the others. It quickly runs across the cavern and attacks them. While fighting, two spiders drop from the sacs. Melee ensues.

Once they kill the spiders they hear yelling for help in the next cavern. It's the other miner, Thomas. He's hanging wrapped in a web. They cut him down and help him out.

Searching the cavern they find remains from others who were not as lucky as Thomas. They search and find 15 gold coins, a compass, some twine, a grappling hook and a spike.

They gained 250 XP.

This story was taken from "Hero Kids Adventures" and adapted for Fantasy AGE. Although I kept the village name Rivenshore, everything else about the world has been changed.

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