Friday, April 1, 2016

Welcome to Rivenshore

Taken from original art work "Mistwood" colored by blaidd

Expanded 11/12/15


Rivenshore is a small village set in an isolated valley that lies south of an ancient and sometimes dangerous world. It's surrounded on three sides by wilderness that leads to the Forbidden Highlands mountain range, and on the southwest side sits the Choral Beck river. The mountains and river both protect and isolate Rivenshore. The entire area is simply known as The Valley.

Beyond the mountains to the north lies what is known to the people of Rivenshore as The Great Realm. To the south, beyond the falls, is another village known as Fairfall, which is also part of The Valley at large. A smaller mountain range known as Bear Cliffs separates the two villages.

Rivenshore is a very peaceful place to live. Its people live simply; farming, logging, and fishing. Since the village is secluded, surrounded by mountains, and the fact that the Choral Beck river ends at a
giant waterfall, Rivenshore sees few traders. The traders they do see mostly come from the north down the river. Although it appears that the river ends at the waterfall there is also a cut off to the east. Those traders who know the way travel the river south past Rivenshore and then follow it to the east where the river escapes The Valley through a narrow passage only large enough for small trading boats.

The traders by land are usually from Fairfall. Rivenshore has been in commerce with Fairfall almost from the beginning. Traders make their way along the eastern pass which runs along the mountain. It's the safest route between the two villages. To those travelers whose business brings them by Rivenshore, the village is known for it's hospitality, a fine marketplace and as a great place to get freshly cut lumber for any boat repairs that might be needed.

Rivenshore is also known to be home to several races - humans, elves, halflings and even a handful of gnomes. There's also a dwarf named Hastreath Grayhelm who stopped for a rest while traveling south to the dwarven town of Hordohr. That was over twenty years ago, and Grayhelm wasn't the first traveler through the centuries to get lost enroute to one place or another, and wind up settling in this valley by the water fall. What began a few hundred years ago as a small fishing camp set up by a few humans and elves who were tired of fighting the wars in the north, grew into a diverse village of peaceful people.

As peaceful as life is in Rivenshore there are plenty of dangers outside of the village that can make their way down the mountain, through the forest or down the river. The two biggest threats to the village are wolves and bandits. Although most of the traders are peaceful folk, there are bandits that find their way to The Valley and foolishly see the people of Rivenshore as easy marks.

Up the northwestern passage that crosses the river there is the Wolf Den. It was discovered over two-hundred years ago when the then tiny village had no fence for protection and only a few skilled warriors, rogues or mages among them. The village was attacked by a pack of wolves. The next day some of the surviving townsfolk tracked the wolves up the northwestern pass, over the river then down the western pass to their den. On the west side of the river they were greatly outnumbered by what they assumed were demon wolves with red eyes. They made a quick retreat back home. There have been no wolf attacks on Rivenshore since. Rumors abound as to what exactly is to the west, but all those who have traveled there have never returned. The western pass is no longer used.

Not long after the wolf attack the watchtowers were built, and eventually the fence that walls the entire village in. It was also the beginning of the tradition of all townsfolk being trained in basic defense from a young age. For the last hundred years those with an adventurous spirit and a sense of duty to their home receive advanced training at the Rivenshore Academy.

At the academy young men and women specialize in different fields, learning the tools and techniques of warriors, rogues, and even mages - for those who have a predisposition for magic. They train and practice daily, even venturing out to the forest and up the mountain for survival training. They also help around the town when needed.

Throughout their academy training cadets may be called upon by Guard Captain Jack Harker or Sheriff Ira Skeen to help with situations that may arise, such as the recent infestation of giant rats in the tunnels below The Murky Ale Tavern. These small tasks help build the cadets skills so that when they graduate they will be ready for the much larger adventures to come.

Graduates split duties between becoming adventurers - bringing back goods and treasures not readily available in the small village - and joining the Town Guard which is run by the Guard Captain. There are nine guard posts strategically placed outside of the fence surrounding the village. In their second year, cadets become part of the guard post rotation.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Saving Jimmy, Finding the treasure

Last we left our party, the four cadets from Rivenshore - Alexander, Green, Potter and Blue - along with their new "friend" Tyler - a Loup de Noir that has been sent to make sure the party saves Jimmy and gets Fagan's treasure - are locked in two prison cells with nothing but their clothes on their back.

With nothing but bones from dead rats, Potter amazingly manages to pick both cell locks. They break out of the cells and then hear footsteps down the hall. Then they hear Johnny telling Nate to pay attention, they don't want those "Rivenshore Rats" to get away. "Fagan has lots of torture in mind for them." Green recognizes their voices as two of the four thugs they fought when they first got to town.

Footsteps then move away and they hear Nate saying "they're not going anywhere." Which causes Potter to call out, "Yeah, we're not going anywhere." More words are exchanged until Nate comes down the hall and gets punched by Alexander. Potter and Green try to get him to help them, by offering a safe haven in Rivenshore and not having to work for Fagan. Blue says "You're a kid just like us, we shouldn't be fighting." (So cute from the 4 year old)

Nate finally agrees and unlocks the store room where they're equipment and weapons are. Once all armed, they make their way to the main room of the basement (where the jail and some housing is) and see three men, along with Potter's dog. They attack them and although a couple of party members take some hits they manage to knock them all out, killing one. Green was psyched to get to use one of his invisibility potions to get to the dog and sneak attack.

They make their way downstairs (the only way to go) and find themselves in a large hall leading to what looks like a chamber. They can see a 10 foot by 20 ft crack in floor, pitch black in the center with no way to see just how deep. They hear noises in the other room. With no chance for stealth one by one they jump over the 10' crack and are faced with half a dozen Kobolds who look to be guarding large double doors that are on the other side of the chamber. Tyler (the Loup de Noir who is helping them) turns into a wolf before jumping into the room and is the first to attack the Kobolds.

Between a wolf, throwing knives, long sword, crossbow and Arcane Blast they make quick haste in killing the Kobolds. Then they notice that Nate is no longer with them. Potter manages to pick the lock and opens the double doors. Stepping into a cavern of sorts they see that they're underground. In front of them are several stone steps leading to a massive double door. A Man is trying to pick the lock and they call out to him.

His name is Damon and he is Jimmy's uncle. He tells them that Jimmy was taken from his home and he knows they have him here - probably beating him up right now. They fill Damon in on what's been happening with them, why they're there. Damon tells them that Gregor is his brother. If Gregor wants the treasure it's to help rebuild after the civil war that's raged through Wolfwater, known to outsiders as the Wolf Den, for the past five years.

Potter picks the lock and gets them inside. In the middle of a large room is a long table with a fire pit on the opposite side. They can see Jimmy and the guard that took the bribe from Alexander back at the tavern, letting the PC's get the kids. Both are tied to chairs and are beaten. Two men on Jimmy and a woman punching on the other man.

Splitting forces, some take the men others the woman. Damon helps. There's a cook by the fire pit who makes his way out as the fighting ensues. The woman makes her way out, injured but mobile, as the others talk with the beaten guard, trying to enlist his help.

Once the dust settles they search the premises finding several other rooms. Alexander finds some flint and steel, Potter finds a wet stone and Green finds a small sack with broken pottery that can be used as caltraps.

With further searching Alexander finds the treasure chest.

(There was so much more to this section but we wound up crunched for time. I took out Fagan and the information the boys would have learned before fighting or fleeing him. Much more intrigue was planned, but that's what happens when a lacrosse game ends our gameplay. They'll still learn the info through Damon or Jimmy.)

To be continued...

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Save the kids!

It's been 24 hours since our last encounter, To Fairfall We Go, and the cadets have spent that time resting and making plans for the rescue of the kids held at Fagan's.

The plan is to get the kids and take them to the docks, where they'll steal a couple of boats and take them across the river. This will place them on the east side of the river - the side with The Wolf Den. but at least safely away to come up with a way home. (See Welcome to Rivenshore)

Jimmy draws out a map of the area and marks where Fagan's Tavern is. He knows that the kids are held on the second floor, and Fagan's rooms are on the third floor. He notes to Potter that it's the third floor where Fagan's treasure is. Then Jimmy heads out to get more help, planning on meeting at the Tavern.

The cadets checkout the dock and find a couple of boats. Feeling confident they head to the tavern. It's the middle of the night and the streets are dark. They hear a voice. From around the corner comes not one but three friends from Rivenshore. Two fellow cadets - Gilil-Gand and Amariand - and Rivenshore Academy graduate, now a Rivenshore Guard - Tilmarion. They warn the PC's that Jimmy is not to be trusted. His friend and cohort Sarah has been caught. She's a Shapchanger and it was her, not sheriff Ira who told them to go with Jimmy and who helped keep Potter out of trouble after getting caught stealing from June at the tannery. Although that last incident isn't brought up. (See Jimmy and the Thief)

However, there still is the question of the kids. That part was true. Sarah overheard the sheriff discussing it with Guard Captain Jack Harker and knew it would be the perfect ploy to get Jimmy help breaking into Fagan's.The cadets decide to continue on the mission to get the kids out of Fairfall and head to the tavern. The three newcomers stake out the alleyway and plan to keep it free for the cadets escape out the second floor window.

Deciding on the front door approach, they enter a dark tavern with a handful of patrons in it. Alexander makes his way to the bar asks for a drink. Potter then asks where the outhouse is. He heads to the back door and slowly the others join him. They detour down the back hall and make their way up the stairs, only to be greeted by who they assume is one of Fagan's thugs. He tells them to leave. Alexander tells him they just need to talk to the kids. Then offers him a bribe. That gives them 5 minutes.

They meet Amelia, the oldest of the six kids that are there. She tells them that they were lured in with offers of food and a roof over their head. All together there are six children there. Amelia tells them that there are others, teenagers who've been there for a while. The cadets tell her they can get all six of them out.

They get the kids out through the window, the three Rivenshore friends waiting below. They all head to the dock. They split into two boats and go across the river with only one casualtiy to sea sickness.

Letting the kids set-up camp. I use both paper & regular minis
Once on the otherside they decide to make camp and figure out what to do in the morning. It's a long way to Rivenshore and they're on the wrong side of the river. Heading north leads them up the western pass. They all know what lies in the western past. The wolves with red eyes.

After the others fall asleep, Blue takes watch, walking around the camp (for those who've been following the adventures, "James" is now "Blue". The 4 year old decided to follow his older brother's example and have a color for a name)  and suddenly hears a wolf howl. He stops. Then there's another one. This wakes up some of the others. Out from behind a tree comes a wolf, the largest wolf Blue has ever seen. The others are up, but before anyone can react the wolf lets off a fierce howl that brings fear to them all. Several find themselves frozen in place, paralyzed with fear.

The wolf speaks. He wants the treasure. The cadets who aren't as frightened ask what treasure, not quite putting together what he means. Some think to attack only then realizing how many red eyes are peering at them through the darkness of the forest. Potter then remembers. He quickly tells the others of Jimmy's real plan for them to steal Fagan's treasure. The wolf suddenly transforms into his human form. He's Gregor, Jimmy's father. Jimmy was supposed to find others who were expendable and then go to Fairfall and get Fagan's treasure. When asked why, Gragor tells the cadets "To feed my family." That was not the answer they were expecting. Several wolves and humans walk into view. Red eyes continue to peer out of the dark. He explains that they are called Loup du Noir, but doesn't give a lot of details at first. The cadets press on (and make amazingly good rolls, naturally) and discover that the Loup du Noir can become wolves by covering themselves with wolf hide. Unlike werewolves they are always in complete control and retain all memories of both human and wolf. The cadets remember Jimmy having several hides with him when they met.

Alexander was brave enough to press on with questions about stealing the treasure and was told how Fagan gained all that treasure and that it was no more Fagan's then his. So he might as well have it and put it to good use. (They never thought to ask how Gregor knows all about Fagan, so I won't write about that backstory. As River Song would say, "Spoilers".)

They agree to get the treasure. They're informed that the children will stay with Gregor to ensure they come back with both the treasure and Jimmy - alive and well. Upon hearing that they ask for someone from Gregor's group to come with them and help. One steps forward, named Tyler. He's young like the cadets, but has the power of the Loup de Noir.

They make they're way back to the tavern. This time sneaking in. Once again leaving Tilmarion, Amariand and Glil to guard the outside for their escape. It's surprisingly easy for them to make their way to Fagan's room. The door is neither trapped nor locked. Potter peaks in - darkness. He can just make out the bed and desk from the low candlelight in the hall. They step in and even with his elven darkvision, Alexander sees only blackness other than the bed and desk.


A candle lights and they all quickly turn to it. A man they assume is Fagan sitting in the corner smiles.

Then a bump to the head and blackness.

They're each knocked out.

Waking up one by one they realize they're in two jail cells with bars separating them and solid stone walls behind and to the side. Trying to peer out side to side all they see is hallway.

In the corner of one cell is dried blood. The other a dead giant rat. Their weapons, armor and equipment are gone.

Continued in Saving Jimmy, Finding the Treasure

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

To Fairfall we go...

Alexander, Green and James wait at the dock as planned. They think only Jimmy will show up and are surprised when Sheriff Ira shows up along with both Jimmy and Potter. She explains how there are boys that have been taken in Fairfall and are being taught to steel for a man named Fagan. (Side note: My oldest nephew figured out quickly that I was stealing from Oliver Twist. I knew I should have changed the name ;-) She tells them that due to their age the cadets could fit in and would be more likely to get close to the boys to bring them back.

All the boys agree and the sheriff leaves with none of them thinking to ask why Potter was set free.

They head out on one of Alexander's family fishing boats. The weather is clear but gets a tad choppy, leaving Green losing his lunch over the side. They make their way east to the small river outlet then dock close to the mountains. They walk the trail to Fairfall for a couple of hours then decide to make camp before it gets dark.

Close to sunrise James is woken by a cat. The cat is purring and rubbing against him. There's something about this cat. The others wake up and the cat hisses when any of them go near it. It only wants James. It takes a bit, but with Jimmy's help James realizes the cat is a familiar and wants him to follow it. He does, and the others follow them. They make their way through the woods to an old shack. Inside they find a wizard... a dead wizard. The cat purrs up to the wizard then to James. James hears "I'm with you now?" James says yes. No one else can hear the cat. (I took liberties with the cat being able to talk to him - seeing how James is only a 1st level mage. The player playing James is 4 years old and I knew he'd love it.) The cat hasn't spoken again so far.

In searching the place, Green found 3 potions of invisibility. Good for 60 seconds each. Alexander found a Silver Dagger that gives +2 to damage on undead. Potter found a Dragon's Tooth necklace that has a Rune of Protection written on it, giving him +2 to saves and attacks when wearing it. (Only if he's defending himself - it won't give +2 to an attack if he struck first.)

All and all a worthwhile trek through the woods. They decide to go back and break up camp and head back down the trail.

They get to Fairfall at dusk. The streets are quiet. Then as they pass an ally they see 2 guys beating up a dwarf. From what they over hear the dwarf owes Fagan money. They enter the alley and ask what's going on. 2 more come out of the shadows blocking their way and asking them to leave. The cadets have some attitudes, not being used to being told what they can and can not do by local thugs. They attack them. Blows are exchanged and the thugs leave.

They talk to the dwarf, not getting much more info, especially when they start insulting and threatening him. The dwarf leaves and the cadets head to Jimmy's safehouse. Jimmy scolds them a bit about making more friends and less enemies as they walk. Potter discovers he's been pickpocketed - all his gold is gone. Later, when they're closer to the safehouse Green realizes his dagger is gone. Once inside they conclude that it's more than simply being pick-pocketed - one of them in one night, sure, but two? They're group is being targeted. They head out to find the culprits. Jimmy says it's gotta be the thugs. "Paybacks for butting into their business."

Very stealthily they move through the shadows... they hear voices... James sends his cat to see if it's the thugs... it's 2 of them. This time, no confrontation, no threats. Potter sneaks around the corner, hugging the wall, low to the ground and is able to pick his coin purse back. Green's dagger is on the 2nd thug who is facing the one Potter just picked. It's a tiny alleyway and they need to literally go all the way around the block. Green and Potter go one way to get behind Thug 2, James goes the other and Jimmy stays put.

James throws a fire ball into the alley as a distraction, Potter sneaks up to Thug 2 and pinches the dagger as Thug 1 turns to go down where Jimmy is waiting. Potter attacks Thug 2 and now the fight is on. Thug 1 is hurt but gets by Jimmy and the chase is on. Thug 2 drops and the cadets chase after Jimmy and Thug 1. Thug 1 dies in front of the safehouse. Jimmy freaks and tells them to move the body away from his safehouse!

Once all safely in the house, they begin to make plans on how they are going to get into Fagans and get the children.

Continued in Save the Kids!...

Friday, January 1, 2016

Jimmy and the Thief

(A friend of my nephews joined the game today. He is playing a rogue named Potter and is a member of the Academy like the others. He was fishing during the Survival Training.)

It's the wee hours of the morning, the sun has not yet risen. Alexander finds himself woken by a noise. He leaves his tent to investigate. He sees movement just north of the bear trap he had set yesterday. Pulling out his sword he heads to the trap. In the darkness, there's a rustling then suddenly a bear! The attacks from both sides are swift, however Alexander is showing far more worse for wear. He cries out to waken his companions. Potter awakens and goes to help, only getting close enough to throw his knife. Then the others wake up, but not before Alexander is knocked to the ground unconscious and bleeding. It takes lots of team work between Green, James, and Potter, but they eventually get the bear back over to the trap. Unfortunately, Green suffers a severe bite in the process.

Once they have the bear over by the trap, chasing them it steps into the trap. Green goes to remove his arrow from the bear only to be attacked again. The bear is not dead, just trapped and angry. The cadets kill it. With his healing hands, James helps revive Alexander. They skin the bear, deciding to take it back to the village.

A wolf cry is heard in the distance. Green runs and hides, along with James. Potter climbs a tree. The sun is just rising and he can see further. He sees a person who is watching the scene from behind a tree. Potter and Alexander make their way over to the person, stopping half way and asking who is there. A young man about the same age as they are steps out. "I'm Jimmy. Is it safe?" They discover Jimmy heard the bear and was keeping his distance. The cadets ask him questions and discover that Jimmy is from Fairfall and is heading to Rivenshore to sell some wolf pelts.

The cadets agree to take Jimmy to the Rivenshore market and they all pack up camp. It's at that point that Faerenal Derendil returns. She inspects the camp and all the cadets have done, and also meets Jimmy. The cadets inform her they would like to make a trip down to Fairfall with Jimmy, when he returns. She thinks that would be fine, but they must ask Captain Jack.

As they all make their way back to Rivenshore, the cadets talk more with Jimmy. Alexander is suspicious of him and tells his concerns to Faerenal. She tells him to keep an eye out. Suddenly James falls into a pit trap, obviously set up to capture large game, and has his legs cut up by spikes on each side as he falls. Only his shoulders and head are out of the pit. The others work out a plan to get him out as gently as possible. Green ties a rope around him, Alexander takes the other end and tosses it over a branch catching the other end and pulling taunt, as Potter and Jimmy each grasp James under the arms and pull him up. James gets scraped up as they pull him out, but all in all it could have been worse. He lays his hands on his legs and heels enough to continue.

Back in Rivenshore they go to the Academy kitchens and sell their meat to Mrs. Patmore, the Academy cook. Then make their way to the marketplace. On the way Potter pinches a pouch from a gentleman that he knows is not from town. It's market time and there are lots of people here from Fairfall and towns north. He manages to score some gold.

At the market they sell some of their pelts to June at the Tannery. Potter keeps eyeing the lock-box she takes coins in and out of. He can't help himself, when the time is right he snags the box and quickly heads away. Followed by the others, he makes his way across to old man Barnes' place. He's the grounds keeper in Rivenshore and has a small one room shack with an outhouse out back.
Barnes' shack

Potter doesn't bother to knock, not expecting Barnes to be home, he walks right in, only to find Barnes standing right in front of him. "Do you know how to knock?" Thinking quickly Potter asks to use the bathroom, as Alexander barges in. "Another one? Does anyone know how to knock now-a-days!" Barnes complains then proceeds to tell Potter how the outhouse is OUT SIDE for a reason. Anyone can use it. At that moment Green knocks. "Finally, someone with manners!"

Potter heads out back and enters the outhouse. He opens the box, takes out the gold - not as much as he expected for a busy tannery, but he didn't realize that June constantly has it changed out - then he leaves the box, thinking maybe the old man will get blamed.

Alexander is waiting outside the outhouse. What Potter doesn't know is that Alexander saw him take the lock-box. The others join Alexander as Potter comes out and Alexander tells them that he needs to go back to the market and will catch up with them. Jimmy, who's been following them around has had enough and tells them he's gonna go look around and will meet them at the docks in an hour to make plans of traveling to Fairfall. They all agree and Jimmy takes off. Alexander heads to the marketplace followed by the other three. He goes directly to June and tells her what he saw. Potter quickly turns the blame on to Alexander. After a bit of arguing June has heard enough and snaps her figures. Quickly two large guards (not town guards, June's personal guard) are at her side. "Take these two to the sheriff, she says pointing to Alexander and Potter. "Ira will sort this out."

As the two are being lead off Green tells June that he thinks Potter left the box in Barnes' outhouse. They head over to the old mans shack. At the same time Potter convinces the guard to go check Barnes outhouse and he'll find proof that Barnes did it.

All of them wind up in front of Barnes shack at the same time. June knocks. Barnes opens the door, clearly frustrated at going from never having company to having non-stop traffic to his home. He tells June that yes Potter asked to use the outhouse and that she can go investigate wherever she wants.

June finds the lock-box and has Garrison (one of the guards) take Potter to Sheriff Ira. She has the other guard release Alexander.

On the way to the sheriff Garrison suddenly drops to the ground, unconscious. "Pssst..." Potter looks over to the sound of the voice. It's Jimmy - a small dart gun in one hand. "This way," he whispers loudly, a finger indicating for Potter join him. Potter does.


Monday, December 7, 2015

Survival training aka Hunting trip

The players (ages 4-10) drew their campsite & what they made.
The party of three; Alexander (warrior), Green (rogue) and James (mage) headed into the forest to the north. They were heading to the foothills where they would find boar, deer and rabbits, plus a stream that was a hot spot for fishing, even more so then the river on the other side of the village.

They were lead by Faerenal Derendil who was the head of the rogue department of the Academy. Once they made it to the clearing where the cadets would spend the next 32 or so hours, she reminded them that they were being tested, and then she left.

The first thing they tended to was putting up their individual tents. Then went in search of wood for the fire pit that James had dug. Alexander built up the wood and Green worked on starting the fire. Once they had a good fire going Green headed out to hunt for Boar while Alexander set a bear trap just outside the camp. The cadets knew they would be selling the meat they did not eat from any game that they caught, plus the pelts if in good shape. Alexander and Green had decided they would make themselves coats from what they killed.

Green took his time and after about an hour found several boar. He took aim with his bow and fired at the largest one. The arrow struck but didn't drop the boar, instead the boar charged at him and Green had to act fast. His second shot got the boar in the shoulder and dropped him. Then Green was able to finish the job and he dragged the boar back to camp.

Alexander wanted a bear. Being a warrior it was natural that he wanted to test himself against the largest beast in the forest. However, he settled on deer. It took him a while but he found one grazing in a clearing and was able to sneak up on it and make a quick job of it. He wound up with two deer by the afternoon.

James went fishing. He enjoyed the tacktile aspect of fishing. Holding the rod and hooking the bait, then waiting for a catch... and waiting... and waiting... finally something was on the line and he pulled and pulled, seeing it was a large trout, he worked with all his might when suddenly - snap! The line broke. He decided if he was gonna eat dinner he better go look for some rabbits. He caught one fairly quickly and was able to go back to camp and have rabbit stew.

Meanwhile Green ate a wonderful meal of boar meat that he had slowly roasted skewered over the fire. While the meat was cooking he began work on the pelt. His goal was to make two coats from it. Quickly realizing he may need another boar to complete both, Green went on the hunt again. This time finding a smaller boar, but enough to complete his coats.

Alexander decided to also make coats from the deer he had caught. His first one though was a bit damaged, but he found it fine for himself. He'd need to make a better one to sell though. With the undamaged pelt he was able to make a fine one that he would sell when they went to the market square.

Alexander headed back out before dark to do some fishing and after loosing a 30 inch carp, he wound up with a large cod. Not a bad day fishing.

Then it was time to bed down for the night. All the meat that was not eaten (and there was a lot) was prepared and hung so it would survive the night. The cadets would finish their work on the pelts the next day, then break camp and head back to the village.

Will the cadets pass their survival training?

Will they get full price from Mrs. Padmore in the academy kitchen for the meat? And what about those pelts they plan to sell at the market?

What about those bears that Alexander wanted to catch? Are any close enough to smell the delicious meat hanging right in the middle of camp, ready for the taking?

We'll find out next time!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Martek Mines

Taken from "Hero Kid Adventures"
Sheriff Ira Skeen caught up with the cadets and asked for their help.

The Martek Mines, which have been abandoned these last hundred years, have collapsed. The probem being that just last week two miners reopened the mine to seek their fortune. Their family had expected them to return to the village several days ago. When they didn't show the sheriff went out to check on them and found the entrance collapsed, trapping the miners inside. So, she's asked if the cadets will go in and try and find them.

There was a gap in the fallen rock slide that they crawled into. Once inside they found the minors bedrolls, along with a pick ax, rope and a shovel. They spotted tracks leading west and ventured forward. They came to a section where they could go straight or turn north. While discussing where to go a giant bat flew in from the north tunnel and attacked. It bit the Mages shoulder before eventually being killed.

The cadets split up, Green heading west and the others heading north. Green enters a cavern with a giant pit and hears a man yelling for help. He uses his rope to pull the minor out. After making sure he's okay, Green finds out that the miners hadn't seen a giant bat. John, the miner, had fallen in the pit during the earthquake that must have caused the entrance collapse.

Green catches up with the others as John heads back to the mine entrance. The cadets find themselves at an underground river, their only way to continue is a tunnel to the west. Suddenly a swarm of bats (normal size) swoops down, as they rush to get out of the way, Alexander falls into the river. Luckily before getting swept away he is able to climb out. They rush down the tunnel, only to be stopped by a broken rope bridge - their only means to cross the raging river.

Alexander and James come up with a plan involving a grapling hook and lots of rope. Alexander is the last to cross, and holds the end of the rope as the other two slowly make their way over the bridge. Both almost fall several times - Alexander holds tight, keeping them from falling. Once on the otherside Green holds onto the other end while Alexander crosses.

Around a bend they come to giant webs, all entangled, blocking their way. They rip through it. On the other side their in another cavern. There are two sacs hanging to the left and another web wall to the right. They burn the sacs, knowing that they are spider sacs. Then a large spider enters from behind the webbing and attacks. They fight and kill it, then go down the pit  that was behind the webs.

They see another two sacs, and across the room they see a spider 3x's as big as the others. It quickly runs across the cavern and attacks them. While fighting, two spiders drop from the sacs. Melee ensues.

Once they kill the spiders they hear yelling for help in the next cavern. It's the other miner, Thomas. He's hanging wrapped in a web. They cut him down and help him out.

Searching the cavern they find remains from others who were not as lucky as Thomas. They search and find 15 gold coins, a compass, some twine, a grappling hook and a spike.

They gained 250 XP.

This story was taken from "Hero Kids Adventures" and adapted for Fantasy AGE. Although I kept the village name Rivenshore, everything else about the world has been changed.